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Geraldine Francis

New Course from September 2020

“From September I shall be starting new courses at Fired Thoughts Arts Studio and Gallery.  

There are very limited spaces owing to the social distancing measures that have been put in place with regard to Covid-19 Safety advice.

There will be a maximum of 3 places for each course unless there is a bubble group who are happy to be in the same room.

When there can be 1 bubble group of 3, plus one other student not in the bubble group, then they will be placed in a separate room.

If a bubble group of 4 then the group will have sole use of the whole studio alone.  

Please advise me if you are an individual or group when booking.”

Weekly Classes with Geri covering all aspects of ceramics, wheel and hand building:

Wednesday Evening Courses

These will run on the following dates:

September 2nd, 16th, 30th & October 7th. 6pm – 9pm

Friday Morning Courses

Block 1: Friday 9.30am – 12.30pm  Starting on 11th September – 2nd October

Block 2: Friday 9.30 – 12.30pm  Starting on16th October – 6th November

Block 3: Friday 9.30 – 12.30pm  Starting on 20th November – 11th December

Friday Afternoon Courses

Dates as above Starting time: 13.00pm – 16.00pm.

Cost for course £120 per block. Your are advised to book early to secure your place.

You may book more than one block at a time. 3 individual places in each class or 4 places if in a bubble.

Adult Ad Hoc classes in all aspect of working in clay please ask for available times/dates.

Cost currently £15 per hour.

Booking Details:

Please contact me for booking dates and payment method:


Mobile: 07895057685

Arts Award and Young people’s classes.

Will now run on a monthly basis.

Session 1: Saturday 19th September 10am -12pm

Theme: Where are we now?

Taking a look at where you are on your Arts Award/starting Art Award/or if you are not doing the Arts Award about how you want to develop you’re making and planning for that.

Setting goals for the weeks to come.

Session 2: Saturday 17th October 10am -12pm

Theme: Present.

What have you achieved this month, what went well, what did you learn, what do you need to do now?

This may be around evidence you may need to present for Arts Award or around a practical making project. You have started.

Session 3: Saturday 14th November 10am-12pm

Theme: Moving on.

Next Steps. Improving skills you have & developing new skills.


Sessions will be limited to 3 students and will be £20 per session.

All students are very welcome to book additional ad hoc sessions currently £12 per hour at a time to suit them (depending on availability).

It is ideal if students plan for their studio time ahead of their session so they can reap maximum benefit from the studio session.

If you are stuck for ideas and need input to get you started I am happy to chat on the phone or communicate by email.

I want the service to be as individual as possible and tailored to each student’s needs.

If you want more specific details or want to book please get in touch using the following contact details:

Contact Geri:


Mobile: 07895057685

Studio Rules to keep everyone safe and happy
Where there is one bubble group only in the studio face masks do not need to be worn.
Where there are classes of individuals not in a bubble group, students will be asked to wear a mask or face covering.
Tutors will wear face masks as they will not be able to maintain social distance of 2 metres.
(Please let us know if you have hearing loss and need to lip read).
Students under 11 do not have to wear masks.
Students who have a health or other condition that would make it difficult to wear a mask will be exempt from this rule.
When wearing masks do remember to take breaks outside when possible and keep hydrated in hot weather.
We ask all students to bring their own protective clothing, such as aprons.
Please feel free to bring your own drinks as we are unable to provide refreshments at present.
Please use the hand sanitiser at the entrance before coming in to the work area.
Students are welcome to use our toilet facilities, there is hand sanitiser in the toilets and hand wipes,
we also advise that students wash their hands on re- entering the studio area.
These studio rules will be maintained until advice from Public Health England is changed.

If you would like to enquire about a specific workshop or session you can additionally use the form below.